Checkin’ in on all those goals

A week or so ago, I was Skype-ing (new favorite thing) with my dear friend Leslie, and I asked her if she’d read my list of goals.  She nodded and said, “B, that list just exhausted me.”  I laughed, because it’s so true.  Overachievers Anonymous card-carrying member, right here.  I explained to her, though, that I feel super-duper compelled this year to really get things done.  I can’t explain it further, except to say that I’m staring 40 squarely in the eye (okay, I have a buffer but it doesn’t *feel* like I do) and enough is enough on delaying those good things and experiences in my life that I’ve always wanted to embrace.  Yes, I’m a stay-at-home mom, and yes, this occupies a radical portion of my waking hours, but NO, this doesn’t mean that I can’t attack a list of goals with gusto!  However.  And there’s a big HOWEVER there…I did take Leslie’s hint-hint advice and decided that I need to also build in some restful time.  Time during naps and time after the kids have gone to bed and time just during the day to not tackle a darned thing on any to-do list or goals list or a list of any kind.  Time to just sit and breathe and soak it in.  You see, *this* is why I have the friends that I have.  They know me, and they say, Hey, calm down there, Becky.  Maybe take it down a notch?  Yeah for good friends!

Anyway, so I’ve been trying to be mindful of both my goals AND my need for non-goal-getting time.  I’ve always said the best lives reflect a state of balance, and it’s a good thing to practice what I preach, yes?  So even though I’m not as far on my list as I probably otherwise would be by now, that’s okay.  But, let’s check in, shall we?  Progress check numero uno:

  1. (#4, Read at least 2 books a month):  Check.  In January, I read the first two books in the Hunger Games series, and I’m gobbling up the last installment right now.  I also started two other books, so I’m well ahead of the game here.
  2. (#5, Get on a good cleaning schedule):  Hmm.  How to say this?  I’ve tried the thing where I spread my chores out over the whole week.  Not fond of it.  I feel like I’m ALWAYS slaving on my house.  I’ve also tried the thing where I squish up all the chores into Thursdays and Fridays.  Not fond of it.  It’s super-exhausting to clean the house from top to bottom, do all the laundry, buy all the groceries, and be a mom to my preschoolers all at the same time.  Summary:  Still haven’t figured this one out.  Sigh.
  3. (#6, Blog more):  I’m here, aren’t I?  Ha.
  4. (#11, Host playdates once a month):  YES.  One down for January, one down for February (and the month is young!).  Check!
  5. (#19, Potty-training):  I’m going to give myself a break on every single other goal, because this one has been MET.  Wooooooooooooot!!!  Will is doing so great.  He’s only had a couple accidents since he really got the hang of it, and those were situations out of his routine.  I guess that makes him like 95% potty-trained, but I’m giving us the gold star anyway.  Huge, major, most fantabulous accomplishment EVER.
  6. (#20, Saving money):  I’ve been clipping my coupons and *using* them whenever I can, and during my last two trips to Target, I saved $14 and then $12, respectively.  Not too shabby.  I know it’s not much, but it adds up.  Plus, I’ve set aside two earned $5 gift cards for Christmas.  I’m going to save all of them until December, and I’m hoping to get well past $100 of “free” money!
  7. (#23, Force myself to do more “kid” time):  I’m kinda proud here as well.  Just this week, I got out the crayons one day and colored with my kiddos for a bit, and then yesterday I got out the Play-doh and helped get my kids going on punching out shapes and such.  I have a long way to go here, but I’m glad I made these steps (instead of Facebooking, doing the dishes, etc.).

So that’s my progress update.  I didn’t mention the ones where I’m still at square one, but I’d say this is a good showing for the first week of February?  See, Les, I’m being reasonable!  😉


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  1. Katie B.

    You’ve made some progress on #21, too. You hung pictures in Will and Luce’s room.

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